South Vietnamese Armed Forces Day (19/6) – A Celebration of Valor and Patriotism

In the Republic of Vietnam, the annual Armed Forces Day was a momentous occasion that celebrated the bravery and sacrifices of the Armed Forces in defending the nation’s freedom and sovereignty. From the bustling streets of Saigon to military bases across the country, this day was marked by a series of vibrant events and activities that showcased the strength, discipline, and pride of the military.

The order in which the ritual takes place

A. Official Ceremonies began with official ceremonies held at military bases, headquarters, or significant locations. These ceremonies often included flag-raising ceremonies, the playing of the national anthem, and speeches by high-ranking military officials or government representatives.

B. Military Parades: One of the highlights of the Armed Forces Day was the military parade, showcasing the strength and capabilities of the Armed Forces. Soldiers from different branches, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, marched in precision formations. Tanks, artillery, armored vehicles, and aircraft might also be displayed during the parade.

Airborne Division in ARVN Day 1971 – Thong Nhat Avenue, Saigon
Officers student of Dalat Military Acadamy are parading at Le Loi street, Saigon 1965
Armored Division is parading in ARVN Day 19/6/1973
ARVN Air Force is performing in the sky, ARVN Day 19/6/1973
ARVN Marines in ARVN Day 1966
ARVN Navy in ARVN Day 1966

C. Wreath-laying and Memorial Services: To pay respects to fallen soldiers, wreath-laying ceremonies and memorial services were organized at military cemeteries, monuments, or memorials. This solemn tribute honored those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the nation.

President Nguyen Van Thieu and Premier Nguyen Cao Ky, prepares to place the wreath at the War Dead Monument. The wreath is held by 2 members of Honor Guard. Tan Son Nhat, Saigon 1966
Two ARVN soldiers guard the memorial wreath at the Dead War Monument, ARVN Day 19/6/1966

D. Cultural Performances: Alongside the military displays, cultural performances were also part of the celebrations. Traditional music, dance performances, and cultural exhibitions highlighted the rich heritage and diversity of Vietnam, fostering a sense of national pride and unity among the attendees.

Vietnamese Female Montagnardo. 19/6/1966

E. Public Gatherings and Fireworks: Parks and public spaces in Saigon became venues for people to gather and celebrate Armed Forces Day. Festivals, concerts, and fireworks displays were organized to entertain the public and create a festive atmosphere. Families and citizens came together to enjoy the festivities and express their gratitude to the military.

The crowd gathered to watch the military parading in ARVN Day 19/6/1973

F. Open House and Exhibitions: Military bases and installations often opened their doors to the public, allowing them to explore and learn about the various branches of the Armed Forces. Exhibitions showcasing military equipment, weapons, uniforms, and historical artifacts provided insights into the military’s capabilities and history.

Tien Phong 001 – The first aircraft built by ARVN Air Force

G. Recognition and Awards: The day also served as an opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements and bravery of military personnel. Decorations, medals, and commendations were awarded to deserving individuals for their exceptional service and valor.

Wearing wreaths for an excellent soldier
Excellent ARVN soliders


The annual Armed Forces Day in VNCH was a significant event that aimed to honor and recognize the sacrifices, dedication, and valor of the military in safeguarding the nation.

The annual Armed Forces Day was a testament to the valor, dedication, and sacrifices of the Armed Forces in the defense of the Republic of Vietnam. It was a day of gratitude, remembrance, and celebration, where the nation came together to express its appreciation for the brave men and women who had selflessly served. The festivities encapsulated the spirit of patriotism and unity, reminding everyone of the indomitable spirit that defined the Armed Forces and the Republic of Vietnam.

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