The Tet photo contest: “XUÂN CỦA LÍNH”

“XUÂN CỦA LÍNH” is an annual event for uncles, brothers, and sisters to participate with your photos.

Purpose: To allow the Vietnamese community of the Republic of Vietnam to remember the memories of their ancestors, as well as to socialize and learn more about the military history of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.


-Photos must be taken to simulate a photo before 1975 (see sample photos below). Each person can participate with up to 3 photos.

-The military uniform used must be produced by Đồ lính Cộng Hòa or ARVN Uniforms or original uniform.

-The photo with the most likes will win the prize. Each person can only win one prize if they participate with 3 photos and all 3 are the most popular.


-1st Prize: 1 set of camo uniform

-2nd Prize: 1 set of khaki yellow uniform

-3rd Prize: 1 3-points hat

*All participants will receive a coupon $10

Deadline for vote: 23h59m, Feb 19th, 2024

Please vote by interacting with the photo you like at here.

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